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Document Type: História em quadrinhos
Title: Customizing services using affective computing (v. 1)
Authors: Nunes, Maria Augusta Silveira Netto
Reis, José Antônio de Andrade
Pinto, Jéssica de Jesus
Santos, Danielle de Gois
Issue Date: 2017
Resumo : This booklet is part of the extension project for popularization of Computer Science in Sergipe supported by PROEX-UFS. It is also linked to the project of the Productivity’s Fellowship (Bolsa de Produtividade CNPQ-DTII) coordinated by Prof. Maria Augusta Silveira Netto Nunes being developed in the Computer Science Department / Graduation Program in Computer Science (PROCC) at UFS. The target audience of the booklets is pre-undergraduate students and undergraduates. The goal is to foster public interest in the area of Computer Science in Sergipe and nationally. One of the emerging areas in Computer Science is the Affective Computing, which is defined as the ability to develop in computers the skills to interpret and infer psychoaffective characteristics such as human personality and emotion, to then use this information to improve the human-computer interface or interaction. This booklet presents the use of the Affective Computing considering its main characteristics, such as personality and emotions. These themes have been partially introduced in other booklets of the authors, available at In summary, the booklet briefly introduces the use of concepts developed and applied by the Affective Computing, including the area of Recommender Systems and computational decision-making. These areas have been presented as emerging technologies and frequent demands on social networks and Internet, for example, being used primarily for customizing interactions, interfaces, products and services via computer network.
Keywords: Computing
Artificial intelligence
Affective computing
Recommender systems
Computational decision-making
Is part of: Almanaque para popularização de ciência da computação. Série 2, Inteligência artificial
Language: eng
Publisher / Institution : Sociedade Brasileira de Computação – SBC
Institution: Universidade Federal de Sergipe
Citation: NUNES, M. A. S. N. et al. Customizing services using affective computing. São Cristóvão, SE: UFS; Porto Alegre: SBC, 2017. 24 p. (Almanaque para popularização de ciência da computação. Série 2, Inteligência Artificial ; v. 1). Disponível em: <>. Acesso em: 19 jun. 2018.
License: Creative Commons Atribuição-NãoComercial-SemDerivações 4.0 Internacional (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0)
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