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Document Type: Artigo
Title: Atual estágio de desenvolvimento da tecnologia GTL e perspectivas para o Brasil
Other Titles: Current stage of development of GTL technology and perspectives for Brazil
Authors: Ramos, André Luís Dantas
Marques, José Jailton
Santos, Vagner dos
Freitas, Lisiane dos Santos
Santos, Rosanne Graziele Vieira de Melo
Souza, Mariana de Mattos Vieira Mello
Issue Date: 2011
Abstract: Although the production of liquid fuels from coal, natural gas (CTL and GTL processes) and other carbon sources has been discovered 90 years ago, the interest was renewed in the last years motivated by stranded gas reserves and by petroleum market instability. This review intends to show the scenario of these technologies nowadays, discussing the applied technologies, the steps in an industrial plant, the ways to produce syngas and liquid fuels, the catalysts used, the type of reactors and the operating plants with their respective capacities, besides the technical, economical and environmental viability, challenges and perspectives for Brazil.
Keywords: Gás natural
Gecnologia GTL (gas to liquid)
ISSN: 0100-4042
Publisher / Institution : Sociedade Brasileira de Química
Citation: RAMOS, A. L. D. et al. Atual estágio de desenvolvimento da tecnologia GTL e perspectivas para o Brasil. Química Nova, São Paulo, v. 34, n. 10, p. 1704-1716, 2011. Disponível em: <>. Acesso em: 26 ago. 2014.
License: Creative Commons Attribution License
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