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Document Type: Artigo
Title: Morphological, agronomical and pharmacological characterization of Hyptis pectinata (L.) Poit germplasm
Authors: Arrigoni-Blank, Maria de Fátima
Silva-Mann, Renata
Campos, Diana de Andrade
Silva, Paulo de Albuquerque
Antoniolli, Ângelo Roberto
Caetano, Luiz Carlos
Santana, Antônio Euzébio Goulart
Blank, Arie Fitzgerald
Issue Date: Dec-2005
Abstract: Several species of the genus Hyptis have presented medicinal characteristics and are frequently indicated to treat gastro intestinal infections, gramps and pain, as well as for skin infections. Three harvests were carried out using six H. pectinata accessions, and the following characteristics were evaluated: plant height, canopy diameter, leave length (L) and width (W), L/W relation and dry weight of leaves and stem. The accession SAM006 have presented highest leave dry matter yield when the three harvests were summed. The aqueous leaf extracts of the same six H. pectinata accessions were tested for anti-edematogenic effect using the carrageenin-induced rat paw edema at doses of 200, 400 and 600 mg/kg. The extracts administered orally had a significant anti-edematogenic effect. The dose of 200 mg/kg of accessions SAM004 and SAM005 had a stronger effect reducing the edema by 19.6% and 15.4%, respectively. Similar results were obtained using higher dosages of the aqueous extract of the accessions SAM002, SAM003 and SAM006. It can be concluded that the accessions SAM004, SAM005 and SAM006 are promising genotypes for a plant breeding program that aims the development of a cultivar with highest leave yielding and anti-edematogenic effect.
Keywords: Lamiaceae
Hyptis pectinata
Plantas medicinais
ISSN: 0102-695X
Publisher / Institution : Sociedade Brasileira de Farmacognosia
Citation: ARRIGONI-BLANK, M.F. et al. Morphological, agronomical and pharmacological characterization of Hyptis pectinata (L.) Poit germplasm. Revista Brasileira de Farmacognosia, João Pessoa, v. 15, n. 4, oct./dec. 2005. Disponível em: <>. Acesso em: 08 set. 2014.
License: Creative Commons Attribution License
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