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Document Type: Trabalhos em Eventos
Title: Modeling of water quality parameters of dissolved oxygen and biochemical oxygen demand in the sub-basin of Poxim river, Brazil
Authors: Aguiar Netto, Antenor de Oliveira
Vasco, Anderson Nascimento do
Silva, Marinoé Gonzaga da
Rego, Neylor Alves Calasans
Andrade Júnior, Aderson Soares de
Issue Date: 2012
Abstract: The major cause of scarcity of the water resources, especially in large urban centers, is caused by the degradation of water quality; this is because of the inadequate release of industrial effluents and domestic sewage. The application of models that consider aspects of quantity and water quality are extremely important in case to understand and try to solve this problem. Thus, this paper aims are to show how computational modeling can be used to assess pollution by sewage water resources in the sub-basin of Rio Poxim, contributing in this way to solve environmental problems. To conduct the study, we employ the data monitored DO and BOD during the period from July 2009 to June 2010, which were inserted in the AcquaNet for calibration and validation. The simulations were performed for the current situation, (calibrated) with two scenarios increase of 10 thousand and 20 thousand inhabitants in the area of influence. The results of parameter calibration and validation of 00 showed a good correlation between the observed and calculated data, the same can not be observed for the parameter BOD. The results show that the parameters DO and BOD present critical situations at Station E4 mainly for the month of May where they were observed DO and BOD concentrations of 0.0 mg L-1 and 16.52 mg .L-1 with respective population increases. Computer modelings allows monitoring of water quality parameters in rivers and seek some solutions for that serious problems related to the quality of life and environmental health in areas where the risk of contamination by sewage is higher. For those reasons it is recommended to study what are the best treatment solutions or launch strategy and develop specific levels of monitoring for future situations.
Keywords: Simulação ambiental
Programa AcquaNet
Qualidade da água
Rio Poxim (SE)
Citation: VASCO, A. N. et al. Modeling of water quality parameters of dissolved oxygen and biochemical oxygen demand in the sub-basin of Poxim river, Brazil. In: INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE OF AGRICULTURAL ENGINEERING, 2012, Valencia. Anais... Valencia: 2012.
License: Direitos autorais pertencentes ao(s) autor(es)
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