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Document Type: Artigo
Title: An analysis of the quality of studies that evaluate potentially inappropriate drug therapy
Authors: Santos, Ana Patrícia Alves Lima
Silva, Daniel Tenório da
Conceição, Vanessa Alves da
Silvestre, Carina Carvalho
Lyra Junior, Divaldo Pereira de
Antoniolli, Ângelo Roberto
Issue Date: Mar-2015
Abstract: In the elderly population, increased predisposition to chronic diseases and consequent use of various medications increases the chances of using a potentially inappropriate drug therapy. The purpose of this review was to analyze research that uses tools to study potentially inappropriate drug therapy through the strengthening the reporting of observational studies in epidemiology (STROBE) initiative. A systematic review was undertaken between February and March, 2013. The studies were selected from different combinations of the Medicine's controlled vocabulary thesaurus (MESH) terms - “aged,” “elderly,” “inappropriate prescribing,” and “drug utilization” in English, Spanish and Portuguese, in the Literatura Latino-Americana e do Caribe em Ciências da Saúde, PubMed, Scopus, and Web of Science databases. The papers that satisfied the inclusion criteria for data extraction were examined regarding the following variables: country, sample size, duration, type of study, practice scenario, study limitations and fulfillment of the items proposed by the STROBE initiative. At the end of the selection process, 119 articles met the specific criteria. The US had the highest number of publications in this area. The samples observed were heterogeneous, ranging from patient to database samples, and most studies were cross-sectional. The most frequently used study practice scenarios were hospitals or outpatient clinics. No article completely met the STROBE criteria. It was found that potentially inappropriate drug therapy is studied primarily in developed countries, which reinforces the need for further studies in developing countries. These findings should guide future research in this subject area, providing a more complete approach on aspects related to the use of medications by this specific population.
Keywords: Potentially inappropriate drug therapy
Inappropriate prescribing
Study quality assessment
Prescrição inadequada
ISSN: 1996-0816
Publisher / Institution : Academic Journals
Citation: SANTOS, A. P. A. L. et al. An analysis of the quality of studies that evaluate potentially inappropriate drug therapy. African Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology, v. 9, n. 10, mar. 2015. Disponível em: <>. Acesso em: 07 mar. 2016.
License: Creative Commons Attribution License 4.0
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