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Document Type: Artigo
Title: Thermodynamics of the one-dimensional half-filled-band Falicov-Kimball model
Authors: Souza, André Maurício Conceição de
Macêdo, Cláudio Andrade
Azevedo, L. G.
Issue Date: Oct-2001
Abstract: In order to contribute to understand well the finite-temperature properties of the Falicov-Kimball model, we study the temperature dependence of the specific heat, internal energy, entropy, and mean square fluctuation of the difference between the ion and electron numbers, and of the correlation functions of the one-dimensional half-filled-band Falicov-Kimball model. For this purpose we used the method of small-cluster exact-diagonalization calculations with the application of the grand canonical ensemble and of extrapolation techniques to the infinite chain. Our results show that the examined Falicov-Kimball model exhibits behavior of alternate electron-ion short-range ordering at low temperature, and gradual metal-insulator transition at high temperature, but, does not exhibit the crossing point of the specific heat curves, characteristic of the Hubbard model.
Keywords: Modelo de Falicov-Kimball
Modelo de Hubbard
ISSN: 1550-235X
Publisher / Institution : American Physical Society
Citation: SOUZA, A. M. C.; MACEDO, C. A.; AZEVEDO, L. G. Thermodynamics of the one-dimensional half-filled-band Falicov-Kimball model. Physical Review B, New York, v. 64, n. 18, out. 2001. Disponível em: <>. Acesso em: 18 mar. 2013.
License: Copyrights American Physical Society
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