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Document Type: Trabalhos em Eventos
Title: Accelerated urban landscape: from the Imperator bridge to the Constructor bridge
Authors: Nogueira, Adriana Dantas
Silva, Eder Donizeti da
Giacomet, Maria Clara
Issue Date: Oct-2010
Abstract: This paper approaches the transformation of the urban landscape of Aracaju, a Brazilian Northeast city, located in the coast line, which has, in only 155 years, changed from the condition of village to a city-metropolis. The main case study involves the occurred transformations in a bordering landscape which can be seen from the main river of the city, in where two bridges are located. One of them has been inaugurated at the end of the 19 century and the other one at the beginning of the 21 century. The objective, besides presenting the accelerated transformations of the landscape of Aracaju in the land extension between the two bridges, is verifying the cognitive force of these architectonic elements in the daily one of the citizens. Results can be showed as the alteration in the legibility properties, accessibility, as well as the cognitive aspect and the interaction by the city-users.
Keywords: Paisagem urbana
Ponte do Imperador
Ponte Construtor João Alves
Citation: NOGUEIRA, A. D.; SILVA, E. D.; GIACOMET, M. C. Accelerated urban landscape: from the Imperator bridge to the Constructor bridge. In: CONGRESSO LUSO-BRASILEIRO PARA O PLANEJAMENTO URBANO, REGIONAL, INTEGRADO, SUSTENTÁVEL, 4., 2010, Faro. Anais eletrônicos... Faro: Universidade do Minho, 2010. Disponível em: <>. Acesso em: 5 jun. 2013.
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