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Document Type: Trabalhos em Eventos
Title: Beyond code: handling variability in art artifacts in mobile game product lines
Authors: Alves, Vander
Santos, Gustavo
Calheiros, Fernando
Nepomuceno, Vilmar
Pires, Davi
Costa Neto, Alberto
Borba, Paulo
Issue Date: Aug-2006
Abstract: This position paper addresses on going work in exploring variability mechanisms for relevant artifacts in the domain of Mobile Game Software Product Lines. In particular, we show such mechanisms for images and sound and reason on the choice of such mechanism based on factors such as binding-time, performance, and reusability. Future work consists of refining a reasoning framework to encompass additional factors for the selection of such mechanism and exploring more closely the influence of such artifacts not only in code but also in tests.
Keywords: Linha de produtos de software
Jogos para celular
Citation: ALVES, Vander et al. Beyond code: handling variability in art artifacts in mobile game product lines. In: MANAGING VARIABILITY FOR SOFTWARE PRODUCT LINES: WORKING WITH VARIABILITY MECHANISMS WORKSHOP, INTERNATIONAL SOFTWARE PRODUCT LINE CONFERENCE (SPLC), 10., 2006, Baltimore. Anais... Baltimore: IEEE, 2006. Disponível em: <>. Acesso em: 2 set. 2013.
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