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Document Type: Trabalhos em Eventos
Title: The progress of the multi-theoretical scheme of uses and gratifications and the experience on the model of "values of media gratification"
Authors: Ferreira, Raquel Marques Carriço
Issue Date: May-2013
Resumo : The Uses and Gratifications approach has an influential tradition in research on audience, putting as a focus of study the reasons that lead receivers to expose themselves to different media and communication contents. The basic assumption of this proposition is that, through the experiences and reflections of media and content, audience members relate which of these are most rewarding, proceeding subsequently to the exposure to these media. In fact, the U&G paradigm has expanded to such an extent that one can not speak of a theory of U&G, but rather, of a scheme of multiple theories. The purpose of this article is to establish the "state of art" of this important approach, demonstrating its major historical points. Additionally, it also aims to make readers aware of the description of the main stages that mark the six most prominent categories of this research aligned to the U&G model; (1) the social and psychological origins of media gratifications; (2) the approach of the expectation value; (3) the audience activity; (4) gratifications and media consumption; (5) gratifications sought and obtained and (6) gratification and media effects; highlighting the results of an investigative study (qualitativeinterpretative) completed in 2011, approached according to the Grounded Theory that aligns with the approach of the "expectation value of the gratifications", one of the most important theoretical strategies integrated with U&G.
Keywords: Uses and gratifications
Values of media gratification
Usos e gratificações
ISSN: 2241-2891
Is part of: 11th Annual International Conference on Communication and Mass Media
Language: eng
Publisher / Institution : Athens Institute for Education and Research (ATINER)
Citation: FERREIRA, R. M. C. The progress of the multi-theoretical scheme of uses and gratifications and the experience on the model of "values of media gratification". In: ANNUAL INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON COMMUNICATION AND MASS MEDIA, 11., 2013, Athens. Anais eletrônicos... Athens: ATINER, 2013. Disponível em: <>. Acesso em: 18 jul. 2018.
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