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Document Type: Artigo
Title: Checklist of the flora of the Restingas State of Sergipe, Northeast Brazil
Authors: Oliveira, Eduardo Vinícius da Silva
Lima, Jéssica Ferreira
Silva, Tatiane Costa
Landim, Myrna Friederichs
Issue Date: 2014
Resumo : Using herbarium records, this study was held to the evaluate the floristic composition of the salt marshes of Sergipe State. The results show Considerable plant diversity, encompassing, as a whole, 831 species, 439 genera and Belonging to 124 families. The most representative families were Fabaceae (99 species), Cyperaceae (61), and Myrtaceae (57). The most diverse genera were Myrcia DC. (15 species), Rhynchospora Vahl (14) Moench Chamaecrista (12), Eugenia L. (11) and Cyperus L. (10). Herbs Comprise the predominant habit (325 species, 39%).
Keywords: Flora
ISSN: 1809-127X
Is part of: Check List
Language: por
Publisher / Institution : Check List
Citation: OLIVEIRA, E. V, da S.; LIMA, J. F.; SILVA, T. C.; LANDIM, M. F. Checklist of the flora of the Restingas State of Sergipe, Northeast Brazil. Check List, v. 10, n. 3, 2014. Disponível em: <>. Acesso em: 18 jul. 2018.
License: Creative Commons Atribuição 4.0 Internacional (CC BY 4.0)
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