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Document Type: Artigo
Title: Diversity of cyperaceae in Brazil
Authors: Alves, Marcus
Araújo, Ana Claúdia
Prata, Ana Paula do Nascimento
Vitta, Fabio Augusto
Helfer, Sonia Marisa
Trevisan, Rafael
Gil, André dos Santos Bragança
Martins, Shirley
Thomas, Wayt
Issue Date: Apr-2009
Abstract: The purpose of this catalogue was to combine the available data from publications, theses, databases, and herbarium specimens from around 120 Herbaria, and colections sampled in Brazilian vegetation during the last 15 years to produce the most complete list, as possible as, of Cyperaceae species for Brazil. We catalogued ca. 1,700 names for 678 species in 42 genera occurring in Brazil. These values represent ca. 15 percent of the species and 40 percent of the genera found in the world. Both subfamilies of Cyperaceae are found in Brazil with Cyperoideae being the most diverse at both generic and specific levels. Although lower species were recorded for the tribes Cryptangieae, Sclerieae, and Trilepideae, these tribes represent a much higher percentage of the world’s totals for genera and species. The most diverse genera are Rhynchospora (157 spp.), Cyperus (101 spp.), Scleria (82 spp.) and Eleocharis (69 spp.). Fifteen genera have one species in Brazil, although five of them are monospecific. The most species-rich regions in Brazil are the North and Southeast. There are no genera endemic to Brazil. There are, however, around 200 endemic species, of which 40 are in the genus Rhynchospora. Taxonomic and nomenclatural problems found are pointed under the species. For each catalogued species, the principal synonyms, bibliographic references, distribution within Brazil’s five regions, vegetation type, and citation of selected material examined are provided.
Keywords: Flora
Conservação ecológica
ISSN: 2175-7860
Publisher / Institution : Jardim Botânico do Rio de Janeiro
Citation: ALVES, M. et al. Diversity of Cyperaceae in Brazil. Rodriguésia, Rio de Janeiro, v. 60, n. 4, p. 771-782, out./dez. 2009. Disponível em: <>. Acesso em: 10 fev. 2015.
License: Licença Creative Commons Atribuição-Uso Não-Comercial 3.0 Unported
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