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Document Type: Artigo
Title: p-Cymene reduces orofacial nociceptive response in mice
Authors: Santana, Michele Fraga de
Quintans-Júnior, Lucindo José
Cavalcanti, Sócrates Cabral de Holanda
Oliveira, Makson Gleydson Brito de
Guimarães, Adriana Gibara
Cunha, Edisleide S.
Melo, Mônica Santos de
Santos, Márcio Roberto Viana dos
Bonjardim, Leonardo Rigoldi
Araújo, Adriano Antunes de Souza
Issue Date: Dec-2011
Abstract: This study investigated the possible antinociceptive effect of p-cymene in different tests of orofacial nociception. The animals (mice) were pretreated (i.p.) with p-cymene (25, 50, 100 mg/kg), morphine (5 mg/kg), or vehicle (0.2% Tween 80+saline), and were then subsequently administered, subcutaneously into their upper lip: formalin, capsaicin, and glutamate. The nociceptive behavior response was characterized by the time in s that the mice remained rubbing the orofacial region, for a period of 40 min in the formalin test (first phase, 0-6 min; and second phase, 21-40 min), and for 42 and 15 min in the capsaicin and glutamate tests, respectively. To verify the possible opioid involvement in the antinociceptive effects, naloxone (i.p.) was administered into the mice 15 min prior to the pretreatment with p-cymene (100 mg/kg). Finally, whether or not the p-cymene evoked any change in motor performance in the Rota-rod test was evaluated. The results showed that the treatment with p-cymene, at all doses, reduced (p<0.001) the nociceptive behavior in all nociception tests. The antinociceptive effect of p-cymene was antagonized by naloxone (1.5 mg/kg). Additionally, mice treated with p-cymene did not show any change in motor performance. In conclusion, p-cymene attenuated orofacial nociception, suggesting an involvement of the opioid system in this effect. Thus, p-cymene might represent an important biomolecule for management and/or treatment of orofacial pain.
Keywords: p-Cimeno
Atividade antinociceptiva
Nocicepção orofacial
ISSN: 0102-695X
Citation: SANTANA, M. F. et al. p-Cymene reduces orofacial nociceptive response in mice. Revista Brasileira de Farmacognosia, Curitiba, v. 21, n. 6, dez. 2011. Disponível em: <>. Acesso em: 7 jun. 2013.
License: Creative Commons Attribution License
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