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Document Type: Trabalhos em Eventos
Title: A Design rule language for aspect-oriented programming
Authors: Costa Neto, Alberto
Marques, Arthur
Gheyi, Rohit
Borba, Paulo
Castor Filho, Fernando
Issue Date: Aug-2009
Abstract: Aspect-Oriented Programming is known as a technique for modularizing crosscutting concerns. However, constructs aimed to support crosscutting modularity might actually break class modularity. This can be mitigated by using adequate Design Rules between classes and aspects. We present a language that supports most of the Design Rules found in AO Systems, making easy to express and verify them automatically. We discuss how our language improves crosscutting modularity without breaking class modularity. Also, we give some details about the language semantics expressed in Alloy.
Keywords: Programação orientada a aspectos
Linguagens computacionais
Citation: COSTA NETO, A. et al. A Design rule language for aspect-oriented programming. In: BRAZILIAN SYMPOSIUM ON PROGRAMMING LANGUAGES, 13., 2009, Gramado. Anais... Gramado: SBC, 2009. Disponível em: <>. Acesso em: 22 ago. 2013.
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